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Rugged small form factor IT systems that fit in your hand!

Rugged small form factor IT systems that fit in your hand!

VoyageVMm 2.0


Rugged small form factor IT systems that fit in your hand!

The long established Voyager m-series from Klas is the only TrueTactical™ series of rugged modules that is continually evolving to meet the increasing demand for IT systems in a consistent ultra-compact form factor. Simply put, the Voyager m-series delivers a computer or switch that fits in your hand, allowing more workloads and capability to be pushed to the Tactical Edge!


Ultra-low SWaP (size, weight and power) IT infrastructure

Voyager m-Series delivers the compute performance to run applications such as virtual desktop infrastructure, machine vision, object detection, edge inference, networking (incl. Cisco Route) and connectivity (RoIP) in the smallest form factor in a highly efficient power envelope.

At 7.4” x 5.7” x 1.0” in size, these compact devices can be powered with as little as 10VDC and 15W of power. The Voyager m-series is designed to be truly portable and is ideal for standalone use cases where space and weight are significant constraints.


Modular and scalable – Voyager chassis compatible 

A further advantage of the Voyager m-series is that it is compatible with the broader Voyager chassis suite. The result is that the Voyager m-series can be deployed as part of any Voyager chassis, giving greater flexibility for its adoption outside manpacks and into places such as mobile platforms like vehicles, space constrained payloads and airframes. 

Ultimately, the Voyager m-series offers the broadest range of deployment use cases, helping to maximize utilization and deliver a better return on investment. Furthermore, by adopting the m-series as part of a wider Voyager deployment, there is no additional effort, learning, or cost associated with the need to support multiple chassis types. 


Right-sized processing – VoyagerVMm (Compute)

The Voyager m-Series computer comes with various CPU options, from the latest AMD processors with GPU to Intel Core i3 and i7s, delivering the flexibility to run the broadest software applications.

As a bare-metal offering end-users can easily install any operating system and applications as expected from a personal computer. 


Flexible networking and connectivity – VoyagerESm and VoyagerEMm (Switch and Radio)

The m-Series compact computer is complemented by networking and connectivity variants in the same ultra-compact form factor. The Voyager m-series offers a holistic solution for computing and connectivity that enables voice and data applications in as little as a 30W power envelope.


TrueTactical™ rugged IT systems

Voyager m-Series incorporates all the traits of being TrueTactical. The m-Series set of IT systems and computers are designed and built to go where traditional infrastructure will fail, designed from day zero to operate in harsh environments with no impact on performance. When the going gets tough, the rugged m-Series stays going. 


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