Taking Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to the Edge

Taking Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to the Edge


Taking Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to the Edge

Oracle is globally recognized for its leading enterprise applications and database expertise and, in recent years, its cloud infrastructure and service offerings. Oracle has made significant investments in delivering a cloud architecture that offers the highest level of security that meets DISA Impact Levels 2, 4, and 5 and FedRAMP+ authorization standards¹.

Furthermore, to support data at the edge of networks and in disconnected locations, Oracle offers a secure distributed hybrid cloud service known as Roving Edge Infrastructure, in which enterprise and government customers can take their Oracle services to the edge to process data closer to the source, for faster data insights.


Roving Edge Ultra

To support fast data collection and processing in the field, Oracle has teamed up with Klas to produce a rugged and highly portable device that can be effortlessly deployed to austere environments with constraint power, connectivity, and networking, called the Roving Edge Ultra (Ultra)².

The Ultra is designed to the TrueTactical™ standard³ to operate in extreme temperatures and to withstand the knocks and bangs a portable device will experience while in transit and the field. The Ultra provides Oracle customers with the peace of mind that their OCI service will run no matter how beaten up the packaging is on arrival at the remote site. 


Optimized hardware architecture

The Ultra is architected to support OCI compute images and object storage, synchronized using the same portal and tenancy tooling available in the customer’s OCI region. The Ultra’s 12-core Xeon D–based CPU, 96 GB of memory, and 7.68 TB of storage allow customers to deploy the right-sized devices for their mission. 

A vital advantage of the multi-core Ultra device is that the same highly secure framework that OCI offers is extended to the remote edge device, in which the virtual instances running on the Ultra are securely decoupled from the underpinning network infrastructure at the edge. Significantly reducing the customer’s window of exposure to security threats at the edge. 


Security beyond the device

As indicated earlier, OCI is designed to the highest standard of security, which equally applies to the Roving Edge Ultra. All efforts are made to ensure the device and data processed adhere to strict security policies and best practices, including the levels of data encryption applied.

However, OCI’s high-security standard not only applies to the Ultra device but is implemented across the complete supply chain, from the delivery of the devices to Oracle from Klas to the return of the device to Oracle by the customer.


Live demonstration

If you would like a live demonstration, please get in touch by emailing sales@klasgroup.com. Alternatively, both Klas and Oracle will be in attendance at the DSEI 2023 event, please feel free to walk up to either booth and ask to see the Ultra in action.




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