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on the road

Data logging for new or constrained environments

High performance network-based data logging

Extend PCI/PXI data acquisition system capabilities

Compact and rugged GPU for data processing on the road

Rugged in-vehicle compute and data logging solutions

Klas rugged vehicle data logging and compute systems offer right sized scale and performance for the unique requirements of evolving in-cabin driver monitoring systems, advancing SAE Level 2+ functionality, to AI development environments on the drive to Level 5 autonomy.

To keep pace with evolving ADAS/AD development environment, Klas offers a range of vehicle logging and compute solutions that support:

  • Versatility: integrate with existing vehicle toolchains or use as standalone network based logging system.
  • Scalability: add or extend capability of storage, GPU, or I/O as the vehicle sensor stack and bandwidth needs evolve over time.
  • Portability: support rapid prototyping cycles with compact devices that are easily transferable between the workbench and vehicle.
  • Open Architecture: Bring your own or 3rd party software stack, and future proof continuous integration / continuous delivery development environments.



Video: Overview of the versatile TRX D8 2.0 vehicle data logger

Right-scaled vehicle data logging systems

Klas offers a range of vehicle compute / GPU and data logging devices with various write speeds and storage capacity.

TRX D2 is a compact and portable vehicle data logging device with 30TB of NVMe storage, ideal for small spaces and low volume data captures.

TRX D8 2.0 is a versatile 100Gbps vehicle data logging device with 240TB of storage, supporting PCI and network based data acquisition.


TRX D16 is a HPC server and 200Gbps vehicle data logging platform with 480TB of storage, and customizable GPU, GMSL™ and FPD-Link™ support. 

Rugged in-vehicle compute and logging solutions designed for life on the road

Reducing the complexity, while building reliability into in-vehicle validation and verification toolchains.

Enterprise grade security in-vehicle for the protection of stored data, with secure data transfer and off-load.
Future proofed to support existing or new vehicle toolchains, requiring minimal installation effort.
Cloud scale storage and performance, facilitating longer drive times, with faster access times to data.
Klas Raven After RAVEN
Klas Raven Before Others
RAVEN is an open platform facilitating a holistic approach to deploying data logging, compute, storage, and connectivity in-vehicle for ADAS and AD development.

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