Lightening the load for AV Developers

RAVEN (Ruggedized Autonomous Vehicle Network) is as an open architecture solution for rapid prototyping and development of Automated Driving Systems (ADS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

It arrives with all systems integrated giving developers the equivalent of a rolling start. The modular solution eliminates the need to build cumbersome test rigs and source equipment from multiple vendors, saving time and cost. With an open and flexible architecture, AV developers can easily create in-vehicle development environments that suit their needs.

RAVEN Open Architecture

A holistic hardware and software approach to data logging, compute, storage, and connectivity for ADS and ADAS development.

Klas Automotive Diagram
1. Data logging: supports CAN and Ethernet interfaces, with up to 240TB of AV data storage, in a swappable cassette. Integrated compute for live preprocessing of data. 2. Networking: 1/10Gbps Ethernet switch, with native Automotive Ethernet (100MB and 1GB) support, future proofing access to the next generation of sensors and controllers. 3. High Performance  Compute: GPU support to evolve AV algorithms and train deep neural networks. Supports virtualization for the secure running of any AV software in-vehicle.

4. Connectivity: Connect in-vehicle over Wi-Fi and easily extend in-vehicle networks to the central office over LTE/5G networks. Supports SD-WAN for secure over the air access from anywhere.

5. Management and Monitoring: Reduced IT effort with secure remote management and monitoring, provisioning, and over-the-air updates, with Ansible automation and Nagios support.

6. Power: Inbuilt 12VDC power distribution, eliminating the need for external power inverters.

Klas Raven

A Rolling Start for AV Developers

Klas Faster

Faster Deployments

A highly configurable development environment, requiring minimal installation effort that can be powered by the vehicles 12VDC supply.

Klas Proven

Field Proven

Compact and ruggedized modules designed for the extremes of life on the road. Adherence and compliance with numerous standards from FCC, IP, MIL to UL.

Klas Scalable


Easily integrate additional compute, storage, connectivity, or bring your own modules as your project needs evolve over time, all without breaking the bank.

See how RAVEN lightens the load for AV developers

Klas RAVEN Raven
Klas Raven Before Others


RAVEN Modules

RAVEN comes as a 19″ (5U) rack-mountable enclosure that is 10″ deep. The enclosure has an in-built 12VDC power distribution to power modules. AV developers can easily configure their development environments with Klas modules, or bring their own customized modules.

Slot 1-3: AV R&D data logger with CAN and Ethernet interfaces
Slot 4: Intel compute with virtualization support
Slot 5-6: Nvidia Turing-based GPU
Slot 7: LTE/5G compute gateway with Wi-Fi and GPS support
Slot 8: 1/10Gbps Ethernet Switch with Automotive Ethernet support

The Klas general compute, connectivity and networking modules can be fitted with battery backups, allowing AV developers to continue to communicate with the vehicle in the event of sudden power loss.

Support for customized hardware.

Klas Raven AV Rack

RAVEN Use Case Examples

RAVEN’s plug-n-play modules, make it easy to adapt to the development environment as your project needs evolve. Add additional data logging and storage for longer test drives, or swap out data storage for connectivity to access insights in real-time. Check out our Autoware.Auto eBook, for an example of a self-driving use case.

Klas Icon ADAS

Evolving ADAS and ADS algorithms

Seamlessly connect to and precisely record data from vehicle sensors, with ease of integration to SiL/HiL systems for simulated drive testing.

Klas Icon V2X

V2X connecting to everything

Utilize onboard connectivity and compute to evolve software for service oriented architectures of connected smart-cities, roads and vehicles.

Klas Icon Software

Software-Defined Vehicles

Easily Integrate RAVEN into agile environments for continuous integration/ continuous development of vehicle software and capabilities.

Klas Icon AV

Future proofing AV Vision

Validate next generation of AV cameras. Seamlessly switch from 1Gbps to 10Gbps and automotive ethernet networks to store what the next generation of cameras are seeing.

Klas AV Testimonial

“RAVEN has allowed us to focus on our core objectives of evolving our ADAS capabilities, with the flexibility to re-configure our development environments, our developers are always on top of developing and delivering the next generation of innovation.”

Director of ADAS Innovation,  OEM

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