Secure Edge IT Operating Systems

The reliable operation of edge IT infrastructure in remote and unmanned locations requires dedicated rugged hardware with security-hardened operating systems.

Operating Systems developed for secure edge IT operations.

KlasOS is a secure open source Operating System (OS) developed and maintained by Klas. KlasOS operates on Klas computing (KlasOS Keel) and networking (KlasOS Fastnet) modules.

Security is at the core of KlasOS. Each OS type undergoes regular conformance and validation testing in compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Digital Signal Standard in support of Common Criteria (CC) certification.

KlasOS Keel

Keel is a lightweight linux based open source OS, with integrated KVM-based hypervisor and SDN (routing and virtualized switching) capabilities providing a secure virtualization environment on Klas modules with compute capabilities.

KlasOS - TRXR2
KlasOS Fastnet - sw12GG

KlasOS Fastnet

Fastnet is a NIAP CC certified network switch OS, providing L2/L3 switching, inter-networking trunking, and supports secure network admin access (FIPS 140-2 approved cryptographic algorithms).

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