IT and Security Management for Networked Infrastructure

Providing IT and network professionals with the tools to automate, manage and monitor networked infrastructure at the Intelligent Edge from anywhere.

Simplify your edge deployments, with consistent configurations, through centralized automation, management and monitoring.

Developed by Klas, Blackrock integrates Ansible agentless automation, Nagios and SNMPv2/3 monitoring and reporting in a single, easy-to-use web portal. Furthermore, Blackrock is used to configure and manage Klas and 3rd party network devices, including Cisco IOS.


Single secure portal to manage networked devices including firmware upgrades, configuration changes, and PKI certificate management for VPN gateways.


Ansible agentless automation, with integrated Klas playbooks or use 3rd party playbooks and collections. Pre-built playbooks for leading PKI Certificate Authorities.


SNMPv2/3 and SSH based network monitoring with Nagios & syslog reporting.

Minimize IT effort with Blackrock

Blackrock eliminates the complexity associated with managing, monitoring and securing remote infrastructure, with API support for integration into existing centralized management systems, enabling IT and network professionals to focus on core business objectives.

360º Visibility of all assets

Single point of management, with insights into devices, PKI certificates and operational software status.

Ease of device provisioning

Simplifies provisioning and deployment at scale, inventory and PKI digital certificate management, and over the air-updates.

Secure from
day one

Segment Operational and IT networks, with secure remote access for IT and operations personnel.

FEATURE in focus

Agentless design using Ansible

Blackrock’s integrated management and monitoring portal uses Ansible and Nagios to support control of multiple device types, with the flexibility to manage configurations on a per device basis. Leverage Klas, 3rd party or bring your own automation and configuration  playbooks, all of which can be executed against one or many hosts simultaneously from the centralized portal.

Blackrock supports the integration of Ansible libraries and Ansible collections, allowing you to manage devices in alignment with the organization’s needs e.g. technology, department, or role.

Group devices by geographic location, firmware, or hardware characteristics and quickly determine the running configuration and date of last modification on devices.

Automate PKI certificate generation, with automatic rotation, ensuring devices always have a valid certificate.

The integrated map allows you to easily identify assets with issues, that can be rectified manually or automated for the future.

Giving you the freedom to manage edge deployments from anywhere

Blackrock integrated security allows IT professionals to securely manage their edge deployments from anywhere, without the need for software on the device. Furthermore, Blackrock provides security audit insights into configuration changes made on the device. With Blackrock, IT professionals can quickly determine if a device configuration has deviated from the centralized configuration.

‘Our partnership with Klas has gone from strength to strength, we can count on their competence to develop the most appropriate solution to meet our project requirements every time’.

José Morales, Director of Railway Solutions, Ikusi

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