Connected Transportation Platform

Build your own network with Klas’ flexible, open platform for Transport Operating Companies and Service Providers

TRX supports both Passenger-centric and Train Operator focused applications on a single virtualised platform


How to Secure the Intelligent Edge

Harness the power of data from anywhere and learn how your company can easily overcome the many challenges associated with transportation edge deployments with TRX.

Combined Hardware and Software Approach to Transportation Connectivity

TRX Hardware and Software Overview

Providing onboard connectivity and Operational Technology over the lifecycle a 12-year train-based deployment requires flexibility. It’s difficult to predict the compute power and connectivity interfaces required at the outset so Klas have focused on providing a modular hardware and software platform that allows new applications and technology to be added when you need it.

Compute power, modularity and virtualisation enables multiple applications to run securely on a single hardware platform. Leveraging field-proven KlasOS Keel operating system means that diverse applications such as Passenger Wi-Fi and CCTV are available through a single pane-of-glass.


Converged Passenger and Operational Rail Applications

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