Onboard Passenger Information Systems
Hosted Passenger Information Systems with TRX R6

Increasingly smartphone applications are provided to allow passengers to track where their train is and when it will arrive in station. This is perfect for commuters who regularly use the train operator’s services, but infrequent users of the service such as Business travellers or tourists don’t want to invest the setup time. Physical displays must therefore be provided to provide this information and they must be driven with real-time information.

TRX R6 can use GPS to calculate where the trains is and then directly drive a HDMI display with that information. TRX’s range of communications interfaces and ability to host virtual machines is key to providing this feature. In this case, the integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) onboard the TRX R6 is passed through to the guest operating system so the virtual machine can fully drive the passenger information systems. This multi-display virtual machine with 4K support @60Hz and dedicated transcoding capabilities can be used to provide real time information on the monitors to the passengers like GPS positioning on the map, train timetable or any other journey related information. These passenger information systems can also leverage the information gathered from some other onboard devices such as a passenger counting device:

Image shows Televic Information Display


It is also possible to host a video capture device in the expansion slot that can be also passed through a guest virtual machine to drive legacy displays such as composite video or CVBS.

TRX R6 allows a one-box solution to be provided to drive Passenger Information Systems but on user’s smartphones and on in-train displays
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