The Edge Technology Company

About Us

Since 1991, Klas has built technology for a smarter, more connected world. Our rugged technology is designed to go places, and work under conditions, that others won’t.

Exponential increases in data require leaps in processing power and connectivity. However these must come in much smaller, highly mobile packages – ultimately bringing the cloud to the edge.

Klas is a pioneering force in solving these problems; enabling quicker decision making, better security, and vastly more efficient use of network resources.

At Klas, the future of edge-cloud is not just a vision, it’s something we build every day.

Klas - Kilmainham

Business & Leadership

Klas is an international corporation that operates in the industrial, public safety, transportation, autonomous vehicle and government markets, with a dedicated business, Klas Government.

Klas is led by experienced executive teams that possess deep domain knowledge of market demands in every area of our business.


Culture & Careers

Klas is an exciting place to work with a culture that is dedicated to being the best at what we do. At Klas , you will find many opportunities to expand your knowledge, advance your career and work with top engineering and professional talent from around the globe.

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