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The world’s most powerful technology for the tactical edge, trusted and deployed across the US Dept of Defense and beyond to work where nothing else will.

The Tactical Radio Integration Kit is now the backbone of the US Army’s ITN program.

Powerful Nvidia GPU for AI & ML enabled mobile C3 command posts at the tactical edge.

TMES (Tactical Multi Enclave System) is the ultimate solution at the extreme edge.

Kortex V - The mobile command post for decentralized decision making at the edge.

For expeditionary forces operating in extreme and austere environments at the tactical edge. Designed and built very differently, and to much more rigorous standards. This standard is TrueTactical™.

Tested and spec’d beyond the highest military standards, it must be made rugged from the inside out (never simply ruggedized afterwards), to perform flawlessly where others can’t.

Low SWaP in the extreme for agility and a "more-than-mobile" deployment. It is intuitive and modular to easily adapt to changing conditions or missions. And above all it must be powerful enough to ensure decision dominance and secure enough for a flawless fidelity.

True Tactical
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