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The Connected

The world’s most powerful technology for the tactical edge, trusted and deployed across the US Dept of Defense and beyond.

The Tactical Radio Integration Kit is now the backbone of the US Army’s ITN program.


The Tactical Cloud Package is an integral part of The US Army’s new IVAS technology.

Truly low SWaP Link 16 solution for the extreme edge with a 360 view of the Battlefield.

The Vehicle mounted, bridge to CMOSS, future of tactical edge technology.

GRRIP - Global Rapid Response

ECK - Executive Comms

TCP - Cloud Capabilities

TRIK - Tactical Radio Integration

TDL - Link 16 At The Edge

VMES - Route & Switch

Voyager is a partner-focused and modular system that integrates seamlessly with the most sought after technologies. When the technology doesn’t exist, we create it.

Klas Voyager TRIK
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