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Pioneer Express

A firm GRRIP on comms from TS/SCI down

Access to secure networks anywhere.

Since 2006 the GRRIP has been a go-to solution for the US DoD. Renowned for its ease of use and fidelity it’s part of a US Army POR and ‘part of furniture’ as regards technology products ordered every day by the DoD.

Trusted and proven for over 15 years now, it is constantly upgraded. The latest version contains Panasonic CF-20 laptop, Viasat KG-250XS HAIPE and optional LTE/Wi-Fi backhaul. It’s a CSFC- ready, future-proofed, best in class piece of technology that still offers the best value in it’s field after all these years.

And all of this in an airline carry-on wheeled case.

With over 3,000 shipped The Pioneer Express [GRRIP] is part of the T2C2/SNOC Program of Record.

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