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Voyager TCP

Take the cloud to the tactical edge

Supercharge field operations
without modifying any vehicles.

The Klas Tactical Cloud Platform allows you, for the first time, to bring the immense analytical power of the cloud into the field with you.

The TCP fits in a Voyager 6, which in turn fits in any US military vehicle. The world’s most powerful edge technology, cloud capability and coalition connectivity can now be mounted and moving at the speed of battle today, without refitting vehicles.

The Klas Tactical Cloud Platform (TCP) is the only platform that allows you deploy database application and leverage the power of AI and ML at the tactical edge. It provides Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, unmatched compute power, 10 gigabit switching and a GPU that uses state of the art NVIDIA technology. All of which is contained in a compact, rugged chassis designed with MT-6352 Standard bolt pattern & power.

The limits of compute power at the edge are now gone, and usage possibilities are endless.

Klas Tactical Cloud Platform

Contact sales@klasgov.com to purchase the Klas Tactical Cloud Platform.

Maximize tools. Minimize logistics.

  • Synthetic rehersal environment
  • Soldier health
  • Human performance
  • Logistics & maintenance tail
  • Sensor analysis
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