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Voyager TDL with SNC TRAX

Unleash the vision of JADC2 and enable multi-domain ops like never before

Real-time battlespace awareness.

With 360 battlefield views and the convergence of data at the tactical edge, comes decision dominance.

The TDL puts the power of Link 16 and SNC TRAX in Voyager’s TrueTactical™ form factor, enabling interaction with assets in real-time, amongst disparate networks, data links and data transports methods.

Information superiority at the tactical edge.

The Voyager Tactical Data Link (TDL) Gateway with SNC’s Tactical Radio Application eXtension (SNC TRAX®) is a small, lightweight, rugged network structure that facilitates real-time data exchanges across connected battlespace domains: air, land, sea, space, and cyber. It optimizes Command and Control (C2) across echelons, battlespace awareness, and decision dominance, while also ensuring a unified Common Operating Picture (COP).


Solution Modules

Voyager modules come in a wide range of features and slot sizes. A standard Voyager slot has a common form factor of 7.4” x 6.3” x 2”. This allows future capabilities to be added to an existing solution, while reusing an existing Voyager chassis to power and secure the modules. 

Slot 1-3: The BVA amp bracket is designed to secure and power the BATS-D Vehicular Amplifier

Slot 4: VoyagerRB7 radio bracket is designed to secure and power two ViaSat BATS-D AN/PRC-161 radios

Slot 5: VoyagerEMm8 is an integrated Radio over IP (RoIP) system with interfaces for radio, Ethernet, and handset audio.

Slot 6: The VoyagerESR 2.0 module encloses a Cisco ESR6300 router and an ESS3300 switch in a standard, rugged, Voyager module form- factor.

Slot 7: VoyagerSW12GG is a Ten Gigabit Ethernet (10 Gb) switch with twelve ports in a Voyager module form factor.

Slot 8: VoyagerVM module is an Intel® based Xeon® D architecture compute module available in 8, 12, and 16 cores, with up to 96 GB of RAM.

Tactical Data Link Gateway

Using Link 16 to Provide a Common Operational Picture & Situational Awareness
Across All Domains to Coalition Partners

For more information contact sales@klasgov.com

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