Voyager TRIK

Connect as many radio networks as you need

The most powerful tactical radio kit there is.

The Voyager TRIK supports 25 handheld radios. Even the man-pack fits. All in a low SWaP, ruggedized case with battery-backed power, wide ranging AC/DC built in. It works everywhere, every time, connecting coalition partners seamlessly while giving you a CMOSS-like capability, today. 

Klas Group TRIK

Part of a US Army program of record

Company TRIK of CS21 ITN Program.

Klas Group Solutions TRIK

The Company TRIK variant is man-packable by a single soldier. It consists of a hardened chassis that includes integrated power and battery backup and additionally provides multiple options for powering the system using readily available DC power sources, i.e. BB-2590, vehicular, etc. Along with the chassis are 4 miniaturized modules supporting routing, switching, compute/virtualization and radio integration weighing approximately 13lb. It allows for the optional use of an externally attached Wi-Fi and Cellular capability also powered by the hardened chassis streamlining the system.

Battalion TRIK of CS21 ITN Program.

A more robust variant with additional features, like video transcoding with Haivision’s Kraken software and scaled services. A fully integrated power distribution and UPS system means it will operate for extended periods in the most austere environments. The addition of radio brackets allows users to take advantage of the integrated power system providing a compact, easy to install and “quick-to-operational status” system.

ITN CS21 Battalion TRIK

Traditionally, integrating radio comms has been challenging and cumbersome.

The Voyager TRIK changes all that. Partners who couldn’t communicate before, now can. Quickly, simply and seamlessly the Voyager TRIK completely transforms battlefield communications. Nothing like this currently exists at the tactical edge. 

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