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Voyager VMES

No unit left behind

The most modern, agile and scalable tactical networking kit there is.

The Voyager Virtual Multi-Enclave System (VMES) integrates virtualized routing, switching, RoIP and compute capabilities into a single, power distribution system that supports multiple enclaves, in any environment. This small and lightweight transport kit enables communications units to more rapidly deploy and maneuver across battlefield domains to provide resilient network connectivity to the units they support.

In partnership with

  • Embedded Cisco ESS 3300 for gigabit ethernet switching

  • Intel® Pentium® D-1519 4-core 16 GB RAM for vitualized routing

Do you even VIK?

The Voyager Ignition Key

  • Simplifies complex tasks and enables general purpose
    users (GPU)
  • Greatly reduces Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and enables rapid re-configuration
  • Provides two-person-integrity (TPI) for access to sensitive configuration data
  • Simplifies process to update or change configurations on-the-fly by swapping keys; no onsite SME support required

Voyager VMES

Selected and fielded solution for the US Army’s first ever ESB-E Program of Record.

For more information contact sales@klasgov.com

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