Enhanced first
responder communications

Interoperable, advanced cellular and IP networking first responder communications solutions for emergency response, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, law enforcement and other public safety agencies.

Enabling First Responder

First responders, law enforcement and other public safety agencies need reliable communications hardened for tactical environments and emergency services.

KLAS provide on-the-move access to broadband Public Safety networks such as FirstNet and ESN using our TRX R2.

However if you are responding to an incident that has made that infrastructure unavailable then you can bring your own with VoyagerCell Duo.

KLAS delivers a suite of first responder communications

Key Features

  • Manpack cellular base station systems
  • Cellular-enabled sensor backhaul
  • Multi-agency land mobile radio (LMR)/push-to-talk radio interoperability
  • Deployable data-center-grade storage and compute
  • IP network integration of
    transcoded voice and video

Having simultaneous connectivity to both carrier-provided and dedicated Public Safety LTE networks provides access needed to the information needed for your day-to-day work.

TRX R2 not only does that but can also process the information

that is gathered while on patrol such as camera data for License Plate Recognition. A simple one-box solution, ideal for constrained spaces.
Responding to a natural disaster or security incident often means that access to a Public Safety network is not possible. However having access to Mission Critical Push-to-talk, mapping and video streaming applications is even more important.
KLAS’ backpack-based LTE network in-a-box, VoyagerCell Duo allows you to bring that infrastructure with you.
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