Monitoring Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS)

Monitoring and control using Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB), CAN and serial buses

Trains operators are increasingly reliant on predictive maintenance to ensure the most efficient use of the train fleet. New trains now come fitted with  5G/LTE modems that connect to the Ethernet Train Backbone for access to onboard systems such as doors, air-con, and brakes. Allowing train operators to remotely monitor onboard systems and services.

While Ethernet network technology, as implemented in the Ethernet Train Backbone, is the successor to IEC 61375, many trains in service still rely on older circuit-based technologies such as MVB, CAN, and serial buses. 

Accessing legacy buses and systems remotely is more challenging.

The TRX R6, modular architecture, provides multiple expansion cards to interface with devices on legacy buses. The TRX R6 comes integrated with 5G/LTE modems,  and MVB interfaces providing train operators with a single box solution to monitor and manage onboard equipment such as:

  • Doors: Opening, closing, jammed
  • Air Conditioning: Temperature, air flow, air quality
  • Brakes: Wear status, temperature
  • Toilet water tanks: Levels

Having gathered information from sensors, TRX R6 is used to secure data from the train to the operations center using VPN communications. Allowing fault-finding and predictive maintenance to be carried out securely in a centralized location on-premise or the cloud.

TRX R6 is an open platform, that makes it easier to take total control of your onboard devices using a single gateway to monitor status and even automate maintenance tasks.


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