Accessing Content Delivery Networks for Trains On-The-Move

Dealing with the bandwidth deficit

The reality of train travel is that trains go places where mobile networks are at their weakest. Rural areas with low population densities don’t encourage mobile operators to build out expensive 4G and 5G networks meaning there is often little or no connectivity from train to the Internet on parts of a passenger’s journey.

This provides a challenge to content delivery networks for trains particularly as web traffic is increasingly dominated by video streaming services. Caching this content on a local server has typically been the approach taken, but this has focused more on niche, regional content suppliers which struggle to meet the expectations of passengers accustomed to high quality services provided by Netflix, Amazon and BBC iPlayer.

Klas’ focus on edge computing provides the connectivity, storage and performance required to support the content delivery networks for trains that power video streaming services. TRX’s diverse Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G connectivity options supports over-the-air updates supplemented by a removable storage approach which means that terabytes of data can be quickly updated. The in-built Intel CPU also has the processing power needed to support hundreds of concurrent video streams.

TRX R6 flexibility mean that catchup TV services such as BBC iPlayer are now possible on your train network, regardless of mobile network connectivity

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