Extending In-Station Train Wi-Fi Services

Providing a seamless Connected Journey to your passengers

In-station Wi-Fi networks are an important part of a passenger’s travel experience. Currently, that positive experience is often undermined by having to register on a new train Wi-Fi network after boarding the train. Until now, train Wi-Fi networks tended to use proprietary technology unlike in-station Wi-Fi which uses the latest Enterprise-grade meaning that the networks were entirely separate.

This is a challenge also for the Train operator who needs to provide service for two distinct networks. This is made more difficult because the proprietary train Wi-Fi requires dedicated service contracts that can only be provided by a small number of suppliers.

Cloud-based management is a key enabler of Public Wi-Fi services. End-user authentication and Access Points are managed centrally which means that new networks can be quickly deployed without significant configuration at the edge of the network.

Klas have worked with Enterprise Wi-Fi leader Cisco to extend that model to the rail market. TRX supports cloud-based deployments where connectivity is available and Keel’s SDWAN features ensure that traffic is always using the least congested bearer. However, if connectivity to the cloud is not available, services can still be provided in a secure way through an on-board Wireless LAN controller.

Managing a train Wi-Fi network can now be done using the same technology as in-station. This makes provision of Wi-Fi services more straightforward for the train operator and also benefits the passenger, who now experiences the end-to-end Connected Journey.
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