Delivering the fastest decision-making capabilities at the tactical edge requires computing designed for the job. Kortex™ V is a rugged, highly flexible system that provides cloud-scale computing and storage for remote and austere environments.

Furthermore, Kortex V leverages the Voyager 8 Quad Power (QP) chassis, delivering 1000 W power to eight individually battery backed Voyager modules. Kortex V delivers highly reliable and available compute operations for disconnected, limited, or intermittently connected (incl. power) environments as a single chassis deployment.

Kortex V is the only TrueTactical™ system that simplifies the delivery of compute to power private clouds in highly distributed locations. It performs without compromise when it matters most, even in the most austere environments of the tactical edge.

Kortex™ V

Key Features

  • Up to 7 x VoyagerVM 4.0 modules (70 CPU cores, 896 GB RAM) with scalable, removable storage (up to 14 x E1.s NVMe SSDs and 7 x VIK+)
  • Multiple configurations possible, including additional NVMe storage and GPU capabilities via expansion modules (attached through VoyagerVM 4.0’s high-speed PCIe Gen 4 expansion interface)
  • 10 Gbps core switch, Common Criteria certified, 121 Gbps backplane line-speed processing
  • Modules designed rugged to operate to the highest level of shock, vibration and temperature
  • Individual battery backup power per compute and networking module
  • Multi-enclave carbon fiber chassis with isolated power quadrants
  • Modularity to easily right-size compute and storage for any mission need

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