Real-time access to on-onboard rail CCTV

Extending rail CCTV surveillance from station to trains

CCTV cameras are an integral part of ensuring the safety of your passenger while in-station. However, after passengers board the train, this becomes more challenging due to lack of connectivity between the train and the Operations Center.

Network Video Recorders are useful in finding out what happened post-event but it would be more advantageous to have real-time access to rail CCTV video streams to deal with an incident as quickly as possible.

TRX’s open architecture allows existing rail CCTV and video protection applications to be hosted on the platform.

Vendors such as Actia and Genetec have been validated on TRX allowing the Operations Center to monitor both in-station and on-train images in real time.

The SDWAN feature built into TRX’s operating system Keel, means that video streams are efficiently distributed across the least congested links and are also maintained during transitions from one mobile operator to another.

TRX’s extensive onboard storage means that an NVR capability can also be provided. Bulk-offload of data can be carried out when connected to an in-station Wi-Fi network, and its also possible to playback stored video over the network.

Klas provide the train operator with the tools needed to provide a secure and efficient travel experience for your passenger while on-board the train.

Responding efficiently to any incident on the train requires both the support of the onboard staff, supplemented by video camera data on the train. TRX’s real-time access to video means the Operations Centre can co-ordinate with the train driver and on-duty manager to respond quickly and safely to any difficult situations that may arise.
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