Enabling Software-Defined Everything at the edge

Historically connectivity and application software required two pieces of hardware. Not an issue in the data center but twice the challenge in edge of network applications. 

Keel.  Enabling the one-box solution at the edge

What is Keel?

Keel is an x86-focused operating system with a lightweight hypervisor and a range of networking features. This allows applications to be hosted locally in virtual machines or containers allowing your system to make decisions based on information from locally connected devices such as video streams, vehicle management systems and environmental sensors.

Keel can also leverage Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G seamlessly to re-establish connectivity to the outside world so that your operations center has visibility on what’s happening at the edge.


Keel has an integrated KVM Hypervisor providing support for a wide-range of off-the-shelf Windows and Linux applications in addition to  Virtual Network Functions. 


Keel has support for common LAN technologies including Ethernet, VLANs, Wi-Fi and USB. 

However Keel also supports 4G and 5G access to the data center or to Private Networks.


While Ethernet is increasingly common in a range of vehicles including trains and cars, there is still a range of vehicle managements systems that rely on circuit-switched interface like serial and CAN. Access to data on these networks is also supported by Keel..


Keel can be directly provisioned or updated using an industry-standard CLI or Web GUI. For large scale provisioning/updates it comes with an Ansible library which can be used by any management solution or as part of Klas’ open-source management solution Blackrock.

Keel also supports remote monitoring of the platform itself and the sensors that it has access to using standard protocols such as SNMP and syslog. 


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