Empowering the Software-Defined Intelligent Edge

Keel revolutionises the way IT and network professionals deploy, monitor, and manage infrastructure and applications at the edge.

Edge compute, connectivity, and storage are traditionally separate systems, managed via multiple operating systems. As a result, it leads to IT security gaps, management issues, and inefficiencies at the edge.

KlasOS Keel is an innovative OS designed to address these challenges on the edge. Keel empowers a software-defined approach to creating the intelligent edge, allowing IT and network professionals to consolidate the edge as a one-box solution that significantly reduces the time to intelligence from anywhere.

Keel is an x86-focused secure lightweight operating system with an integrated hypervisor and a range of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) features. Keel has been validated in accordance with Common Criteria (often abbreviated as CC) standards.

Discover the advantages of using Keel

Reducing the burden on IT and network professionals with secure and future-proofed intelligent edge environments.

Lower Cost of

Eliminates the need for multiple devices and the complexity of running siloed infrastructure at the edge


Reduced security exposure to threats that are commonly associated with traditional OS types


Minimal effort and experience required to deploy the edge, automated configuration for plug-n-play roll outs

FEATURE in focus

Software Defined -Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN)

Keel SD-WAN simplifies secure connectivity with the Intelligent Edge. Keel SD-WAN supports the use of multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNO), public and private radio networks, and Wi-Fi to deliver a secure over the top network from the edge to anywhere.

Keel SD-WAN features include:

Link Aggregation – flexibility to bond multiple modems to increase bandwidth at the edge e.g. send traffic over 6 x mobile connections

Link Prioritization – configurable settings for greater control of when links are used to send traffic e.g. Always use Wi-Fi when available

High Availability – continuous monitoring of link performance with automatic handover between links e.g. MNO A has low link capacity, use MNO B instead

Traffic Segmentation – Easily segregate traffic types for enhanced security e.g. operational traffic versus direct internet access

Traffic Encapsulation – Integrate with existing PKI infrastructure, secure data transfers using Keel private device keys

Keel, the secure Intelligent Edge OS

Keel is a secure OS designed for the operation of the edge. Keel provides IT and network professionals with a holistic software platform to configure, manage and automate networking, compute, and storage as a single device. Furthermore, Keel offers a secure environment to run business applications that can securely connect to anywhere.


Integrated SDN and SD-WAN, ease of connecting over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, and 3G/4G/5G


KVM hypervisor to run business applications as virtual machines and containers on the edge

IoT Telematics

Software support of circuit-switched interfaces for serial, CAN, and MVB


Secure remote management, provisioning, and over the air updates, easily automated with  Ansible

We partnered with Klas after a very detailed benchmark and in-depth technical analysis of its core platform for LTE communications. Together with Klas, Seolane Innovation has been able to offer the best in class solution, matching perfectly our customer needs.

Wilfrid Rouger

CEO, Seolane Innovation

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