KlasOS Fastnet

Network Switch OS

KlasOS Fastnet Overview

Fastnet is a NIAP Common Criteria (CC) certified network operating system developed by Klas for its suite of Voyager products.

Fastnet supports L2/L3 switching for seamless integration of Klas modules as part of a wider network architecture.

Furthermore, Fastnet provides proven compliance in cryptographic implementations for secure configuration and management of Klas switch modules, in adherence with NIST Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP).

Fastnet on Klas Switch Modules

Fastnet ships on Klas switching modules of  VoyagerSW12GG and VoyagerTDC10G.

Fastnet Overview

Fastnet Functions and Features

The following is a high level overview of supported features and capabilities of Fastnet. For a comprehensive overview of Fastnet or Klas switch products please request a demo.

Category Features
Layer 2
  • 121 Gbps processing for wirespeed switching on all ports simultaneously
  • IEEE 802.1D and 802.1Q-compliant
  • Supports up to 32768 MAC Address in the Forwarding Database (FDB)
  • 4K active VLANs
  • IEEE 802.1w (RSTP) and 802.1s (MSTP)
  • Link Aggregation (802.1AX/802.3ad) static and dynamic with LACP
  • Fast link/LAG failover
  • VLAN trunking
  • Port Mirroring
Layer 3 IPv4 Inter-VLAN and IPV4 Static routing
CC validated
  • Cryptographic Operations: conformance with FIPS PUB 186-4.
  • Identification and Authentication: support for password-based and public-key-based authentication.
  • Password Protection: all passwords, pre-shared keys, symmetric keys, and private keys are protected from unauthorized disclosure.
  • Security Management and Auditable Events: Secure local and remote management, with detailed log events which include configuration changes to devices.
Management and Monitoring SSH, SNMP, Ingress and egress port MIB counters, IPFix, Ansible playbooks, FIPS 140-2 Approved Cryptographic Algorithms
Access control / security RADIUS, local authentication and authorization, TACACS+

Fastnet Use Cases

Fastnet and Klas switch modules are used where the highest level of protection is required, protecting against sophisticated attempts of malicious actors who are targeting administration ports in order to gain access to networks. Government agencies, government contractors, and private-sector enterprises can trust that administrator identity, and administrative functions of device management and operations are safe no matter where the Klas switch module is deployed.


Furthermore, in adherence with NIST Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP), Fastnet has proven compliance in its cryptographic implementations. Validated capabilities include key management, random bit generation, encryption/decryption, digital signature, secure hashing, and key hashing features supporting high-level cryptographic protocols, including SSHv2.

Use Case - Mobile Command Post

Industry Sector: Government

Requirement: High speed data switching for scaled compute platform (Kortex V)

Benefits of Fastnet

  • 10GbE switch, 121 Gbps backplane wirespeed processing
  • L3 routing with dedicated physical trunk port
  • FIPS 140-2 Approved Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Support for Ansible automation as part of a scaled deployment architecture.
  • High speed trunk for interconnection of multiple Kortex V chassis

Use Case - Industrial Edge Switch

Industry Sector: Minining 

Requirement: high speed switching for AI/ML compute vision systems

Benefits of Fastnet

  • 1/10Gbps Ethernet switch (8x ports)
  • 10GbE port switching of camera data to GPU module
  • Network security, only permitted MAC addresses allowed 
  • Ease of configuration, standard CLI commands

Use Case - Vehicle Telemetry Switch

Industry Sector: Automotive 

Requirement: Interconnect multiple vehicle sensors to on-board compute and storage

Benefits of Fastnet

  • 1/10Gbps Ethernet switch (8x ports)
  • Native Automotive Ethernet (100MB and 1GB) support
  • Link aggregation control protocol, maximizing data throughput 
  • 40Gbps data trunk to connect to the vehicle data logger

Fastnet Packaging and Certification

Fastnet is delivered as a single image (.bin) file, signed with a digital signature for ease of secure updates.

The Common Criteria certification listing for Fastnet, on the VoyagerTDC10G and VoyagerSW12GG switches can be found at – https://www.niap-ccevs.org/Product/Compliant.cfm?PID=11188

Fastnet package differentiators:

  • Packaged as a single image file containing the entire operating system.
  • Digitally signed package, malformed or malicious images will not load in Klas modules.
  • Fastnet runs in RAM, and is not corrupted by the sudden loss of power.
  • Several versions of Fastnet images can be stored locally on the module for failover or fallback operations.
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