Deploying data-center sized servers and storage to remote areas has always been challenging logistically from the perspective of size, weight and power.

Since the launch of Voyager TDC, it’s possible to deploy data-center grade compute and storage using commercial aircraft.

VMware vSAN and Nutanix Certified

Not Recommended for New Projects
Voyager TDC

Voyager TDC

Key Features


  • Voyager 8 case and chassis with built-in UPS and AC/DC charge options
  • 4x TDC Blades each with
    • Xeon D CPU with 128GB RAM
    • NVMe storage for caching
    • 4x 2.5″ SATA SSDs
    • VIK for easy configuration changes
  • Voyager TDC Switch with
    • NIAP CC listed KlasOS Fastnet Switch, providing datacenter-grade switching at the tactical edge
    • 12x 10Gbits/s port with copper and fiber options
    • 121 Gbps backplane for line-speed processing on all ports simultaneously
    • 802.1AX/802.3ad
    • Inter-VLAN routing in hardware at line rate
    • Port mirroring, IPFix
    • Ansible playbook management supported
    • Voyager Ignition Key (VIK) for configuration and storage
  • VMWare vSAN certified
  • Nutanix certified with both AOS and VMware ESXi

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