Compact Level 2+/3 data logging devices

Starting out or adding capacity to validate new L2+/L3 functionality can be limited by the test vehicle space, power and budgets.

The power to do more in space constrained environments

Klas provides a range of compact and rugged vehicle data loggers that are powered by the vehicle or via the optional battery pack. Designed rugged to withstand high shock, vibrations and temperatures, the TRX range of loggers can be placed or mounted anywhere in the vehicle.

Making it the ideal solution for Level 2+/3 applications such as Driver Monitoring Systems.

Modern car with open Klas data logger

30 TB / 32 Gbps write speeds

Rugged vehicle mount compute and low volume logging device, designed for ease of transferring development environments between the workbench and vehicle.

The accompanying vehicle mount makes it easy to insert and remove the compute from the vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Intel 10th Gen Xeon D (10 core) processor with 128 GB RAM
  • 2x Removable E1.s NVMe storage
  • VIK+ SED removable NVMe device for boot or write cache operations
  • NVMe SED internal boot device with 256 GB capacity (optional)
  • 4 x 25, 2 x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to ingest data
  • Optional battery backed UPS
  • Klas maintained OpenBMC embedded firmware for secure management

240 TB / 100 Gbps write speeds

TRX D8 is a high-performance and adaptable vehicle data logger with up to 240TB of storage and 100Gbps(12.5GB/s) write speeds.

TRX D8 2.0 supports both PCI or network-based data logging in-vehicle and is unmatched in terms of its size and the volume of data captured, processed and stored during test drives.

PCI and Network based loggers
Key Features:
  • Interchangeable functionality of PCI-based or network-based vehicle data logging
  • Intel 10th Gen Xeon-D CPU (10x cores) and up to 512GB RAM
  • Field-proven storage cassette with up to 8 SATA3/SAS4/NVME SSDs in standard 2.5″ form factor
  • 2x 2.5GbE, 4 x 25 GbE, 1x 100 GbE interface to ingest data
  • PCI-E Gen 4 RAID card for data redundancy, encryption and offload
  • Designed rugged, for reliable operation at high ambient air temperatures, complies to MIL-STDs 810 and 461

TRX D8 2.0 is available in two form factors:

TRX D8 2.0 – Compact form factor

TRX D8 2.0 – 19″ Rackmount form factor

Case Study

Jump start your ADAS/AD development

Intempora RTmaps
With Intempora RTMaps running on TRX D8 2.0, developers can efficiently get started and access key R&D data with tagged corner case scenarios from RTMaps.


With Klas data loggers quickly and easily get started with in-vehicle data logging for vision based systems.

Rolling Start

Virtualization built-in, quickly get started by running any development environment as a virtual machine.

Right Sized

Flexible storage and installation options to meet the challenges of the tightest of budgets.


Lightweight and battery pack makes it easy to transfer logging
capabilities between test vehicles.

Explore how TRX accelerates innovation across automotive development environments

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