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High-performance and adaptable 19″ rackmount vehicle data logger with up to 240TB of storage and 100Gbps(12.5GB/s) write speeds.

Designed to military standards for harsh environments for the reliable capture and storage of data for SAE Level 2+ to Level 5 autonomy.

Supports both PCI or network-based data logging in-vehicle.

Extend existing PXI vehicle toolchain storage capabilities to capture the exponential growth in vehicle data.

Transition from PCI to network-based logging by simply swapping the headunit for compute,  capture and process data in-vehicle from the next generation of  cameras, lidar, and radar sensors.

TRX D8 2.0 Rackmount

Key Features

  • Network-based logger built on Intel’s 10th Gen Xeon-D processor 
  • Dual removable E1.S NVMe self-encrypted SSDs
  • Interface to PCI/PXI-based data acquisition systems by swapping compute for PCIe Target Adapter (Gen4 x16)
  • Field-proven storage cassette – up to 8 SATA3/SAS4 SSDs 
  • Self-encrypting drive support
  • PCI-E Gen 4 RAID card for data redundancy, encryption and offload
  • Open platform architecture, for bring your own software environments
  • Designed to operate in high ambient air temperatures, complies to MIL-STDs
  • Ignition control and supercap option for battery-backed cache
  • Vehicle power adapter for 10-36V operation

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