Rugged GPU for in-vehicle data processing

Life on the road is harsh; the continuous bumps, knocks, and high ambient air temperatures, all have a negative impact on the lifetime and performance of IT systems.

GPU designed for life on the road

VoyagerGPU is a rugged low power GPU compute device, developed for the harsh environments of military. VoyagerGPU is designed to continuously operate at high ambient air temperatures with no impact or degradation in performance.
In vehicle Processing

With VoyagerGPU 4.0, accelerate data and memory-intensive applications of AI/ML, alongside simulation with powerful graphics at the edge.

Designed rugged, with a 220W power envelope, VoyagerGPU delivers an Intel Xeon D CPU and Nvidia Ampere GPU in a compact form factor, ideal for tactical edge and mobility applications.

With 10x CPU cores, 4x 25GbE ports and 4 x DisplayPort with 4K resolutions, VoyagerGPU delivers the versatility to support multiple users and compute intensive applications in one standalone device at the edge.


Capture, process and filter collected data live, for faster access and analysis for use in DevOp workbenches

Reduced Development Times

Eliminates poor data and scenario captures during test drives.

Greater Reliability

Maintain focus on priorities versus losing time debugging device failures.

Easy to Install

Designed for operation in vehicles and low power of 12VDC.

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