TRX D8 2.0

Level 4/5 Network-based data logging

The exponential growth of data for the drive to L5 autonomy is pushing the boundaries of existing toolchain verification and validation technologies.

High-performance data logging

TRX D8 2.0 network-based vehicle data logger can store up to 240TB of data with 200Gbps capture write-speeds, with compute to process and filter data live during test drives, ensuring the reliable capture of data from CAN, and the next-generation of ethernet network based sensors and vision systems.

L4/L5 Data Logging
TRX D8 2.0
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With 240TBs of hot swappable storage and disk write speeds up to 200Gbps (25GB/s), TRX D8 2.0 is unmatched in terms of its size and the volume of data captured, processed and stored during test drives.

  • Intel 10th Gen Xeon-D CPU (10x or 20x cores) and up to 512GB RAM
  • Field-proven storage cassette with up to 8 SATA3/SAS4/NVME SSDs in standard 2.5″ form factor.
  • PCI-E Gen 4 RAID card for data redundancy, encryption and offload.
  • Designed rugged, for reliable operation at high ambient air temperatures, complies to MIL-STDs 810 and 461.


TRX D8 2.0 delivers cloud scale performance and security for in-vehicle data logging in a small form factor.

Future Proofed

Open software architecture to support existing toolchains alongside cloud development environments.

Reduced Development Times

High-performance compute to process and filter captured data prior to storing during test drives.


TRX D8 2.0 delivers the highest level of security, and supports the latest encryption algorithms to protect sensitive data.

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