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Maximize what the edge can do for you!

Maximize what the edge can do for you!

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Maximize what the edge can do for you!

Given the central theme of edge computing—that a majority of the computing is done closer to where the data is being generated, and so real-time decision making can’t rely on the traditional cloud or massive on-premises data centers, the varying conditions that each use case involves drive the technology needed for it.

Source: Mckinsey & Company¹


The analysts from McKinsey have identified that the cloud and access to on-premise servers cannot be relied on at the edge. Furthermore, the article highlights the need for edge systems to withstand rugged environments that involve variations in weather, vibration, and connectivity.

Klas is an edge technology company that specializes in developing rugged network infrastructure and servers. Our devices are designed explicitly for the use cases highlighted in the McKinsey article, which clearly demonstrates the need for edge computing that is both versatile and flexible to meet the widest range of uses.



VoyagerVM 4.0 Versatile Edge Compute

Selecting and investing in edge computing is a complex process, and at Klas, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Mckinsey article (see References below for link to report) highlights vital drivers when choosing edge computing:

  1. Varied connectivity and data mobility
  2. Localized compute power
  3. Need for real-time decision-making
  4. New storage and security needs
  5. Intermittent power

With the launch of the VoyagerVM 4.0, a rugged computing server, we understood that our customers need versatility and flexibility. Thus, to maximize what the edge can do, the VoyagerVM 4.0 was designed with ease of expansion in mind. VoyagerVM 4.0 allows users to add GPU or storage as required via a PCIe based expansion interface.


Expanding Edge Capabilities

VoyagerVM 4.0 and its expansion modules of GPU and storage for network attached storage (NAS) applications not only meet the drivers highlighted by McKinsey but allow organizations to start with basic computing at the edge. At any time in the future, expand capabilities by simply snapping on modules to the VoyagerVM 4.0.

For example, add:

  • GPU for real-time AI/ML inference in vision systems/sensor data
  • NVMe storage to gather a more significant amount of data from an increasing number of sensors
  • GPU for 4K resolution displays at pop-up sites
  • NVMe storage to serve cloud applications to multiple users in remote locations

A further advantage of the VoyagerVM 4.0 expansion capabilities is that the compute and expansion modules are designed with SWaP in mind. Furthermore, the modules come in a standard Voyager form factor, making them compatible with existing Voyager chassis.


Sustainable Edge Deployments

A clear advantage of the VoyagerVM 4.0 expansion capabilities (and what distinguishes it from traditional OEM servers) is the ability to snap on GPU and storage modules as needed. The snap on process means little or no IT expertise is required. Moreover,  IT folks can snap off the module and reuse it elsewhere at the end of a project, program, or mission.

The toolless interchange of modules makes VoyagerVM 4.0 the only genuinely sustainable and agile edge computing platform. Now, all organizations can maximize the use of the edge to build low-latency and faster decision-making workloads that deliver significant returns on investment from their Klas edge compute.

Furthermore, as the VoyagerVM 4.0 and the expansion modules of GPU and storage take the classic Voyager form factor, users can reuse their existing chassis systems to distribute the edge to anywhere.


Learn more

To learn more about VoyagerVM 4.0 and its expansion capabilities, please check out our blogs, datasheets and video overviews:

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Datasheets and Videos:

  1. VoyagerVM 4.0 (Intel compute)- https://www.klasgroup.com/products/voyager-vm-4-0/
  2. VoyagerGPU 4.0 (Intel compute and Nvidia GPU expansion module) – https://www.klasgroup.com/products/voyagergpu-4-0//
  3. VoyagerNAS 4.0 (Intel compute and storage expansion module) – https://www.klasgroup.com/products/voyagernas-4-0/


  1. Mckinsey & Company, “New demand, new markets: What edge computing means for hardware companies” – https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/technology-media-and-telecommunications/our-insights/new-demand-new-markets-what-edge-computing-means-for-hardware-companies


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