The Edge on Transportation and Mobility

The Edge on Transportation and Mobility


The Edge on Transportation and Mobility

Unconsciously, we all interact with the cloud daily via the edge in our pocket: the mobile phone. With the increasing sophistication and use of cloud and AI/ML, decision-making regarding transportation and mobility choices has never been easier. 

The edge in our pockets presents us with the most efficient ways of getting around or transporting our goods. However, the applications and apps we rely on depend on reliable, accurate, and timely data from transportation or mobility services. 


Reliable data on the go

All service operators face the challenge of deploying compute and connectivity elements that can sense, interpret, and share the data from each mobility or transportation node. Typically, this means deploying systems in environmentally constrained environments of power, space, and hostile operating conditions (thermals, shock, and vibration) that are outside the norm for standard off-the-shelf equipment. 

As a cloud-to-edge technology specialist, Klas offers rugged systems designed and developed to operate out of the box in the above-mentioned constrained environments. Klas’s TRX suite of hardware modules and software delivers the flexibility to source and manage all sorts of data and provides secure and robust connectivity for timely distribution of essential data on the go.


Unlock sustainable transportation with a modular edge 

The ethos of a sustainable transportation or mobility service must include the systems used to collect and distribute data. Modular devices such as the TRX product range allow for adding or upgrading edge devices, protecting valuable investment and eliminating the need to rip out and throw away equipment. 

A great example of this is the sunset of 3G mobile networks. Many legacy systems explicitly designed to operate on 3G are useless today. Replacing these devices has significant monetary and environmental impacts. However, if a modular device is in place, the only update required is swapping out the cellular modem. The rest of the system, cabling, and architecture will remain in place for decades to come. 


TRA 2024 – The future of mobility

Klas will be at TRA 2024, stand #53. At this year’s event, we will showcase the TRX product range, and in conjunction with our partners, we will have a range of solutions on show. 

Please stop by the stand if you want to learn more about our rail and bus solutions or our automotive development systems.

In addition, to hear more about the “Future of Mobility” join Chris Ericksen, CRO at Klas, in a walk-in panel discussion with FMCI and LERO at TRA 2024.


Future of Mobility panel discussion details:

TRA 2024 FMCI stand #77, Monday 15th April, 16:00-16:30.


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