Simplified vehicle data logging installs Jaguar I-PACE

Simplified vehicle data logging installs Jaguar I-PACE

TRX D8 2.0


Simplified vehicle data logging installs Jaguar I-PACE

On a recent visit to the Future Mobility Campus Ireland (FMCI), Klas personnel spent an afternoon installing the TRX D8 vehicle data logging solution.The FMCI facility, based in Shannon, Ireland, brings together leading specialists to develop the next generation of automotive capabilities.

Figure: FMCI has several garage bays and vehicles used to develop ADAS and AD capabilities.

The Klas vehicle data logger is installed in a Jaguar I-Pace, which is fitted with the next generation of sensors, including high-speed cameras with up to 10Gbps speeds and 4K resolution.

Figure: The FMCI Jaguar I-Pace is fitted with the latest Lidar, Radar, and Camera sensors.



One of the first challenges to overcome, as is often the case in test vehicles, is limited space to mount test equipment in the vehicle. FMCI had previously mounted three 19″ (6U) racks which enabled Klas to use the RAVEN 19″ (5U) rack-mountable enclosure to secure the equipment in the vehicle.



Figure: The Klas rack-mountable enclosure is used to power multiple devices from Klas.

One advantage of the Klas RAVEN rack-mountable enclosure is the integrated distributed power supply, powering the vehicle data logger, 121 Gbps networking switch and the cellular gateway. This allows for more orderly deployments by eliminating the need for multiple power cables and supplies. A further advantage is that the vehicle data logger can be easily slotted into place and secured without the need for tools.


TRX D8 invehicle
Figure: The TRX D8 data logger securely mounted in-situ, without the need for tools.


Once the RAVEN rack-mountable enclosure was fitted, it was a simple case of connecting the various sensors via the switch module to the vehicle data logger. The switch greatly simplifies connecting and accessing multiple 10Gbps camera sensors from the logger.

As the TRX D8 is an open computing platform, FMCI quickly deployed its OS of choice and software applications to start preprocessing its data collection.

Diarmuid Ó Conchubhair , Project Manager at FMCI, stated that, “one of the main advantages and reasons for opting for the Klas vehicle data logging solution is the ability to work at 100Gbps speeds to capture sensor data, and the ease with which the team can easily transfer Terabytes of data to their development environments via the hot-swappable storage cassette.”


Figure: The TRX D8 storage cassette has a 2-stage latch/lock mechanism, making it easy to transfer data to software development environments.


To complete the install, the TRX R2 cellular gateway was deployed for out-of-band management of the in-vehicle test systems. The TRX R2 acts as a Wi-Fi access point when in the garage, and the integrated SD-WAN capabilities automatically switches over to cellular (LTE or 5G) when on the road, providing connectivity and access with the test vehicle.

To learn more about Future Mobility Campus Ireland, please visit: https://futuremobilityireland.ie  

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