Kortex V the future of highly mobile C3 operations.

Kortex V the future of highly mobile C3 operations.

Kortex V mobile C3 operations


Kortex V the future of highly mobile C3 operations.

Delivering highly mobile C3 command posts requires equipment designed from day 0 to do that. The incumbent monolith server architecture of 19″ rack servers were never designed for life outside the enterprise IT server room. Furthermore, a centralized command post’s old architecture creates problems, especially when connectivity is challenging. 

In this blog discuss the value of the Kortex V, and what makes it unique and survivable as a mobile command post.


Rugged mobile command posts

Kortex V is the only solution available that addresses the need for high-performance computing that is truly mobile. Core to Kortex V is the Voyager 8 Quad Power (V8QP) chassis¹. A key differentiator with the V8QP chassis is the integrated power and battery-backed UPS. The V8QP supports up to 70 cores of Intel processing alongside a networking or connectivity module. 

From day 0, Klas has designed all of the components of the Kortex V to be compliant to the highest MIL standards of being TrueTactical². That is, each module and casing can independently withstand high shock and vibration, and to continue to operate at 100% capacity in extreme ambient temperatures. All the things required for survivability of a mobile command post.


Reducing command post equipment

Compared to traditional server vendors who require a separate case for power and UPS batteries, with the V8QP there is only one case to roll out. making Kortex V ideal for rapid responses and deployments.

The V8QP airline carry-on-sized case supports the power needs and up to 8 unique modules. With Kortex V, the monolith centralized server architecture is broken down into right-sized, readily dispersible compute elements. A clear advantage of the Kortex V in a distributed architecture is the support for more resilient operations that offer the flexibility to add IT redundancy as required. 


Cost-efficient mobile command posts 

Kortex V not only enables resiliency and redundancy but it is also highly versatile. The compute element of the Kortex V, the VoyagerVM 4.0, supports an expansion interface. With Kortex V, adding additional GPU or storage capabilities is easy. All without the expense and need to return to the original equipment manufacturer for upgrades. 

Kortex V, VoyagerVM 4.0, and the expansion module approach offer significant benefits when it comes to delivering mobile C3 command posts, for example:

  • Cost reduction: repurposable chassis and modules (incl. GPU)
  • Hassle-free configuration: modularity for ease and flexibility of adding capability  
  • Rapid response times: Integrated power and battery for rapid deployment
  • Reduced setup complexity: Intel compute platform to run any software stack 
  • Minimal risk: TrueTactical™ ready with proven in-the-field Klas modules³ 


Learn more

To learn more, please visit: https://www.klasgroup.com/products-gov/kortex-v/



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