Simplified and unified IT operations for secure mobile command posts.

Simplified and unified IT operations for secure mobile command posts.

Kortex V secure mobile command posts


Simplified and unified IT operations for secure mobile command posts.

A significant challenge when deploying IT infrastructure is the perceived time spent learning about the new hardware and software. Furthermore, for many IT folks, the time spent configuring and validating the operations can feel unproductive and uninteresting, especially if more than one device configuration is required. 

In this blog, we look at the unified tools from Klas that eliminate mundane IT tasks while delivering a human-error-free experience for the resilient command post as part of Kortex V distributed deployment.


Simplifying the configuration of the mobile command post

Kortex V is a scalable compute platform underpinned by the VoyagerVM 4.0 compute module with the latest Intel Xeon D (10th Gen) processors. VoyagerVM 4.0 ships as a bare-metal server; therefore, IT folks must add their preferred OS and application software. 

A significant advantage and time-saving tool built into the VoyagerVM 4.0 (VM4.0) is the Klas OpenBMC firmware stack. Klas OpenBMC supports a secure graphical user interface for the remote access and management of the VM4.0. 

Using Klas OpenBMC, IT folks can quickly load any OS type (MS, Linux, etc.), hypervisor (ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM, etc.), or software stack that supports an x86 compute architecture over the wire from a central online repository.  

In addition, a significant time saving advantage for the IT folks is that there is no need to plug a keyboard, video, and mouse into each module they are configuring. Therefore, multiple devices can easily be configured in parallel with minimal effort.


Automated provisioning of the command post

The manual approach above works well with several devices in a single Kortex V. A more sustainable approach to configuring multiple Kortex V is automation. For example, VMWare ESXi and multiple VMs are required on 5x separate Kortex V. Implying 35x VM4.0 modules need configuring. 

Blackrock from Klas is an automation, management, and monitoring solution for networked infrastructure, ideal for bulk configuration operations. Built into Blackrock is an Ansible-based script that supports day 0 provisioning for ESXi on VM4.0. With a single mouse button click, ESXi and multiple VMs get installed, freeing the IT team up to do more productive tasks.


Unified approach to securing the command post

With each Kortex V up and running, now is the time to apply security. On top of the provisioning feature, Blackrock has an integrated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate management tool¹. Again, with a single mouse button click, Blackrock delivers automated certificate generation, deployment, and renewal from NIAP-approved CAs.

Kortex V from Klas is more than just a hardware deployment; it supports a unified set of tools to quickly and easily get scaled operational units in the field with minimal time and effort. By supporting common software stacks such as ESXi and automation, Kortex V reduces the burden on IT folks having to learn anything new and allows them to focus on supporting the modern distributed mobile command post operations.


Learn more

To learn more, please visit: https://www.klasgroup.com/products-gov/kortex-v/



  1. Blackrock PKI certificate management – https://www.klasgroup.com/security-certificate-management-for-tactical-edge-networks/


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