The Voyager 8 Quad Power (QP) is an eight slot chassis with four separate power elements for multi-enclave applications.

It is based on the award winning Voyager 8 carbon fibre case and chassis. The chassis power system can be divided into four quadrants so that four separately powered enclaves can exist within the Voyager 8 QP chassis and case.

Voyager 8 QP

Key Features

  • Voyager 8 form factor case and chassis
  • Supports up to four enclaves
  • AC or DC power with 250 W available per enclave
  • Each enclave is powered via separate AC and DC power inlets to provide electrical isolation between enclaves
  • Any power quadrant is field replaceable (FRU) and can be removed from the chassis without impacting the live functionality of other quadrants for ease of maintenance
  • Battery back-up option available using the proven Voyager 1 or Voyager 1+ UPS if required

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