AV Data Logging

Compute and storage solutions for ADAS and ADS development

The progression from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) towards Autonomous Drive Systems has resulted in a huge increase in the amount of data that in-car sensors generate.

In-vehicle compute & storage systems are required both in the development and production phases of autonomous vehicles and Klas’ background in Edge Intelligence applications can help in this challenging area. We have prioritized an open architecture that integrates with existing Public and Private cloud architectures giving complete control over your data.


Discover the benefits of the TRX D8 AV Data Logger

Capturing high-resolution sensor data for test vehicles is critical to the development of driving assistance and automated driving algorithms in Hardware-in-the-Loop environments. TRX D8 provides up to 240TB of in-vehicle storage in a compact rugged design, which also includes an Intel Xeon processor for preprocessing of valuable data.

The storage cassette with up to 8 encrypted SAS or SATA SSDs is easily removed from the vehicle for high-speed ingest into your existing SAN. High-speed interfaces are used throughout to ensure that ingest can be completed in time for the next shift.

Easy to Deploy

True end-to-end R&D AV data logging solution –  incorporates CAN and Ethernet interfaces, and is powered by the vehicles 12VDC.

Longer Drive Times

Up to 240 Terabytes of in-vehicle data storage. The  swappable data cassette makes it easy to access AV data at the end of the test drive.

Time Saving

Integrated compute to preprocess R&D data in-vehicle. The ingest-station supports simultaneous access of up to 8 x data cassettes, assuring faster  turnaround of test vehicles.

TRX D8 end-to-end R&D data logging solution

Solution Advantages

The TRX D8 R&D Data Logger is designed to keep your test fleet on the road longer.

True end-to-end R&D AV data logging solution with vehicle logger and garage ingest station

Compact  – up to 240 TeraBytes of storage in a ruggedized enclosure (7.4” W x 6.4” L x 8.7” H / 188 mm x 162 mm x
222 mm)

Integrated  storage and compute – a holistic solution of storage and compute to preprocess R&D data in real-time

CAN and Ethernet support – eliminates the need for additional hardware when connecting to ECUs and sensor networks

Easy to install – powered by the vehicle’s 12VDC supply

Highly secure – encryption of swappable storage cassettes

Multi-vehicle ingest support – collate data from up to 8 x AVs per ingest station

Faster access to data for SiL/HiL environments – Ingest station utilizes a Dell R7525 rack server with Generation 4 RAID for faster offload of R&D data

Cloud ready – high speed network interfaces for ease of offloading AV data to the cloud or local storage