Voyager Executive Communications Kit (VoyagerECK), a Portable, Lightweight, All-Inclusive, Secure Voice, Video and Data Solution, Is Now Approved by DISA and Available to Senior Leaders DoD-Wide

24 June 2015

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has added Klas Telecom’s Voyager Executive Communications Kit (VoyagerECK) to the Department of Defense (DoD) Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL) and sanctioned it for use on the DISA DECTK-GW equipping senior leaders across DoD with a classified, mobile workspace solution.

Washington, D.C. – Klas Telecom announced today that the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has added theVoyagerECK, a portable, laptop-sized, secure voice, video and data communications package, to the Department of Defense (DoD) Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL). The kit has also been approved by DISA for use across the new DoD Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateway (DECTK-GW). Now, with this enterprise communications suite in place, important members throughout the DoD community, and the secure networks on which they rely, are never out of reach.[

“It’s exciting that our customers can now easily purchase a reliable, secure executive communications system and utilize a DISA-provided reach-back capability,” Klas Telecom Chief Technology Officer Ryan Kendrick said. “With this mobile classified communications suite in place, users can leverage the communications devices they use in their offices while mobile and in deployed locations, and they no longer have to build their own gateways. This saves training time, eliminates the waste of establishing and sustaining redundant gateways, and enables organizations with a small number of users to employ robust mobile communications suites previously inaccessible due to the costs of non-enterprise gateways.”

VoyagerECK is among the 2015 winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design


The UC APL provides using organizations with a DISA-approved set of hardware and software equipment that has completed Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) interoperability and information assurance testing and is therefore purchasable by any DoD component. Once products are listed on the UC APL, it eliminates the need for using organizations to individually certify and accredit solutions.

DISA announced on May 19, 2015 that, while initially available as a specialized service to select users, the DECTK-GW is now fully operational and available to users DoD-wide. “The DECTK-GW infrastructure and kits allow users to make classified voice calls through DISA’s Enterprise Classified Voice over Internet Protocol (ECVoIP) service and access the Secret IP Router Network (SIPRNet) through any Internet or cellular connection anywhere in the world,” DECTK Program Manager Army MAJ Joy Thomas stated in DISA’s announcement.

“Before DISA launched the DECTK-GW, other enterprise solutions provided secure mobile communications through limited, pre-established Internet gateways and often only delivered a limited feature set,” Klas Telecom CTO Kendrick said. “But, the new DECTK communications suite is different in that it allows users to leverage the ubiquity of public Ethernet, cellular and Wi-Fi to access secure networks through a DISA-provided enterprise gateway.”

Elaborating on the VoyagerECK design, Klas Telecom Services CEO and President David Huisenga stated, “We originally developed the VoyagerECK in response to DoD executive communicators’ demand for an on-the-move, discreet package that would provide the simultaneous voice, video and data access they needed in addition to multiple transport options. The original goal in designing the VoyagerECK was to pack as much flexibility and capability into the product as possible to make it extremely valuable to the executives within DoD.”

Among VoyagerECK’s features is the ability to connect to secure networks through either a wired connection, the built-in wireless broadband router, or a USB cellular modem. The VoyagerECK’s built-in Cisco router and Ethernet switch can deliver voice, video and data access to both unclassified and classified enclaves simultaneously to multiple users and optional wireless access to public Internet. The kit comes with an innovative Voyager Ignition Key (VIK) on the red-side switch that facilitates rapid change of classified enclaves and enables persona portability for phone numbers and network settings by any operator, without special networking training required. The built-in VoSIP handset provides easy access to classified voice networks and is easily accessible through an external door. The router and switch are also removable and able to scale up to support larger operations. Another benefit of the kit is its low barrier to adoption. Government executives can connect to it whatever laptop computer or phone they are accustomed to using and are not constrained to interfaces of unfamiliar GOTS personal electronic devices.

To download the VoyagerECK data sheet or to request a price quote, please click here.


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