Innovative 4G LTE deployable cellular base station solutions

VoyagerCell provides a range of 1 km in suburban environments, and up to 2.3 km in open terrain, extendable with fixed/aerial infrastructure. The solution has support for up to 64 bearers.  VoyagerCell’s radio nodes may be remoted from the core network wirelessly for enhanced coverage and range.

Because VoyagerCell integrates seamlessly with existing IP networks using on-board Cisco IOS routing, it enables Cisco-trained engineers to deploy cellular as easily as traditional IP networks with minimal additional training.

VoyagerCell leads the market in portability, scalability and flexibility for private cellular network deployments.

Rapidly Deployable Cellular

In situations where fixed infrastructure is down or unavailable, VoyagerCell is the ideal solution to provide disaster response, intelligence, security, law enforcement and defense teams with secure voice, voice and data, push-to-talk and a range of other capabilities for reliable communications in times of need.

VoyagerCell is a small form factor solution that provides:

  • 4G LTE core network
  • Supports multiple simultaneous radio nodes enabling multiband capability and enhanced user density
  • Virtual machine server or Cisco 5915 ESR-based routing module for enhanced compute, storage and networking capabilities

Key Features:

  • Seamless IP integration using Cisco IOS
  • Supports both GOTS and COTS cellular user equipment
  • Supports operation without any backhaul
  • Supports up to 64 simultaneous sessions
  • Delivers access to multicast feeds over cellular to commonly available UEs
  • Provides integration with Cisco Call Manager Express, Jabber, IPICS and AnyConnect on UEs without additional gateway infrastructure
  • Integrated GSM, 3G UMTS and 4G LTE core network
  • Voice, packet data and SMS support
  • Optional Wi-Fi access point functionality
  • Interoperable with tactical radio networks using VoyagerLMR, Cisco IPICS and/or Motorola WAVE or Twisted Pair WAVE
  • Designed to meet military ruggedization standards
  • NSA-compliant encryption option for air interface and data-at-rest
  • Backpack, vehicle and pole mount options