Klas Telecom’s VoyagerESR, VoyagerVM, and Klas Voyager Module Adaptor (KVMA) received airworthiness certification from the U.S. Army Aviation Engineering Directorate on March 6, 2014. The certification verifies that these components are approved to be part of the Army Airborne Command and Control System (A2C2S) installed in UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters.

The VoyagerESR, VoyagerVM, and KVMA are part of a range of highly capable,UH-60-Black-Hawk rugged, and small form factor networking modules that compose the Voyager baseband networking system. The VoyagerESR is a combined router and switch based on the Cisco 5915 ESR, the VoyagerVM is a small virtual server platform, and the KVMA is an aircraft and vehicle power adaptor.

As part of the certification process, the Voyager components underwent explosive atmosphere, electromagnetic interference, temperature, altitude, humidity, and vibration testing in fall 2013 at the Army Redstone Test Center (RTC), an Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), located in Huntsville, AL.

“Klas Telecom designed Voyager for broad application use and this certification verifies that the system is fit for a diverse set of extreme environments,” Klas Telecom CTO Ryan Kendrick said about the components receiving airworthiness certification. “Now we can add airworthiness to the list of military standards that Voyager has met.”

A source from the Airborne Battle Command Project Support Office said that the latest configurations of A2C2S will begin to be installed into the Black Hawks shortly with deployment of the systems taking place no sooner than the first quarter of FY16.


About A2C2S

A2C2S is a U.S. Army Communications Electronics Life Cycle Management Command (C-E LCMC) program that provides UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters with Command and Control (C2) mission systems which serve as airborne tactical command posts (TACCP). The systems will feature C2 “on-the-move” and situational awareness capabilities, through voice and data equipment, that enable a commander’s common view of the battlefield. The systems will provide connectivity to embassy, law enforcement, maritime, civil, and/or other humanitarian information and communication networks.


About Klas Telecom

Klas Telecom, Inc. was founded in 1991 and has been providing integrated, secure tactical communications solutions to the Department of Defense for over 12 years. Klas Telecom specializes in the engineering and development of highly capable, ruggedized, yet low SWaP baseband communications equipment for satellite and other remote networking environments. Our newest Voyager product line is a networking system of systems that consists of a range of common form factor networking modules with various chassis options for use in the full spectrum of deployment platforms, and from static to on-the-move operations. Our modules deliver best-in-class Cisco routing, switching, cellular, VoIP, and RoIP technology in an industry-leading reduction in SWaP package while maintaining high user port density and a rich product feature set.



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