The Voyager Tactical Data Center (Voyager TDC) is the first and only enterprise-grade compute and data storage network solution with Xeon-D processing, up to 512 GB RAM, a 10 GE switch and built-in UPS.

Washington, D.C., May 15, 2017 – Klas Telecom, a company that specializes in developing low size weight and power (SWaP) deployable communications systems for use in austere environments, announced today the release of the latest solution in its mainstay Voyager product suite, the Voyager Tactical Data Center (Voyager TDC). The Voyager TDC is a nonproprietary, standards-based commercial off-the-shelf (SCOTS) system and is the first and only enterprise-grade compute and data storage network that is built to military ruggedization standards, includes a tactical 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch, 512 GB RAM, 32 physical cores, built-in UPS, AC/DC power and fits in an airline carry-on-sized rollaway case.

The company says the Voyager TDC has the potential to transform data center operations at the extreme network edge by replacing heavy loads of commonly-used server room equipment with a single case that is easy to deploy; simplifies logistics, transportation and operation; and ultimately lowers cost of system ownership for customers. Instead of having to rely on bandwidth-constrained SATCOM links to reach back into a data center for processing large amounts of data collected in the field, users can now, with the Voyager TDC, store, analyze, disseminate and replicate data locally for more timely intelligence and faster decision making during an operation.

“At Klas Telecom, we pride ourselves on providing our armed forces with the best technology possible in the form of agile, easy-to-use, effective, and resilient communications packages because we believe the ability to communicate well is paramount to mission success,” Klas Telecom Government President and CEO David Huisenga said. “We also believe in and are committed to protecting our customers’ investments by providing them with nonproprietary, commercial standards-based products that support existing virtualized software applications and network infrastructure. Lastly, we want to enable the Department of Defense to achieve their stated goal of doing more with less, and this new solution does exactly that.”

Voyager TDC in rollaway form with door lids closed.

The company partnered with industry-leading virtualization software and enterprise cloud companies, such as Nutanix, to develop the Voyager TDC. The product leverages the latest in hyperconvergence, security, software-defined storage and processing technology to deliver the highest compute performance per watt and storage per cubic inch than any other available solution.

Klas Telecom will officially launch the Voyager TDC this week at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) taking place at the Tampa, Florida Convention Center. The company will debut the Voyager TDC along with other Voyager solutions such as deployable 4G LTE cellular networks, tactical radio integration, and commercial solutions for classified data (CSfC).

“We are expecting heavy foot traffic at SOFIC this week as this new product is the result of responding to an increasing market demand for easy-to-deploy, enterprise-class compute and data storage networks with minimal physical footprint and maximum flexibility and scalability,” Huisenga said. “That’s why we invested substantially in developing this lightweight, purpose-built system that can be hand carried into and operated in the most challenging environments.” 

About Klas Telecom

Founded in 1991, Klas Telecom is an engineering and design company with over 25 years of experience developing innovative communications solutions for use in austere environments where low size, weight, power and ruggedization are required. With over 80% of the company dedicated to technology development, Klas Telecom is able to stay on the forefront of the deployable and tactical communications market. Klas Telecom operates in the U.S. and international defense, first responder, disaster relief, law enforcement and transportation markets. The company employs staff across four offices located in Washington, DC; Herndon, VA; Tampa, FL; and Dublin, Ireland.


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