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Voyager ECK

Secure communications when you need it most

Safe, secure and trusted from the top down.

The first Voyager ECK was designed and built in 2014 specifically for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Lightweight and encased in carbon fiber, the latest Voyager ECK leverages the best of virtualization technology and is of course CSfC ready.

This enterprise communications suite operates on an approved DISA gateway, equiping senior decision makers with a secure mobile workspace that is cost-effective, easy to use, and incredibly flexible.

With the ECK in place, important members of the DoD community, and the secure networks on which they rely, are never out of reach.

Gateways, APL and CSfC status

  • Listed on DISA’s Approved Products List.
  • Authorized for use and currently operating on DISA’s DECTK-GW and SNOC gateway.
  • Compatible with the NSA’s CSfC program.
  • The preferred mobile comms kit for decision makers

Key Features

  • Integrated Red/Black/HAIPE devices
  • Backhaul over Ethernet or Public Wi-Fi
  • Easy access to VoSIP handset through dedicated door for voice calls even while on-the-move
  • Removal of Voyager Ignition Key (VIK) renders the device inoperable for additional security
  • VIK allows persona portability among systems and enables rapid reconfiguration by an incidental operator
  • Carbon fiber structure provides lightweight but robust construction

“The rapid set up and tear down time is crucial to providing highly mobile comms. For example, I utilized the kit in an airport terminal while waiting for the aircraft to power up, as we did not have time to set up other kits to send or receive messages.”

Senior member of General’s Comms Team

For more information contact sales@klasgov.com