Cellular in the Sky

30 September 2015

Klas Telecom has been providing Internet access from aircraft since the launch of Inmarsat Swift in 2006. KlasTA Aero has become the de-facto standard for government users in that time and continues to be used with Honeywell/EMS terminals as users migrate towards Inmarsat Swift Broadband. The Voyager product line maintains IP connectivity options which provides a very efficient solution when coupled with WAN Optimization from Riverbed.

This feature-set has now been further expanded using VoyagerCell to provide a 3G/4G LTE cellular function which can operate globally on an aircraft. Passengers can continue to access voice and text services seamlessly supplemented with a data capability provided by low-power Wi-Fi.

Reachback is provided by Inmarsat Swift Broadband or VSAT and data usage is minimized using best-of-breed optimization technologies.

Size and power consumption are critical factors in the airline industry. Voyager’s compact nature and low-power fanless operation is ideal for this environment.

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