Voyager Use Cases

Voyager Use Cases


Voyager Use Cases

The content below is an overview of the content from our 2020 Use Case White Paper. You can request the full white paper by submitting the form at the bottom of this webpage.

Voyager technology has proven to be an ally to the demanding missions that our Warfighters face. Over the past 30 years, Klas has partnered with organizations throughout the US DoD and the Federal Government to help them solve problems. The best part of helping our customers solve problems is that we also get to celebrate their victories…and our customers tend to win.

Our mission is simple: give our customers and their allies an enduring advantage in any environment. Voyager is a manifestation of that mission. When we launched Voyager 10 years ago, we envisioned an endless number of use cases that would give our customers an advantage.  Below are a few examples of  Voyager use cases and how they’ve helped our customers win.

Capability Set 21, US Army Integrated Tactical Network

Use case: Battlefield Gateway for Voice, Video and Radio to make faster and better decisions in the field

Solution: Voyager Tactical Radio Integration Kit

25th Infantry Division, US Army 

Use Case: Small, Rugged Network System for reduction of Size, Weight and Power to save resources

Solution: Voyager Tactical Data Center

Emerging Technologies and Concepts 

Use case: AI/ML, Augmented Reality and Virtualization in a rugged form factor to bring cloud to any environment

Solution: VoyagerGPU, TRX-R2, VoyagerVM



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