Klas shows the interoperability that Voyager TRIK provides at AWE20 in Salisbury Plain

Klas Group Connection


Communication and sharing of military intelligence using radios has traditionally been disjointed. To address this challenge, Klas Telecom created the Voyager TRIK to enable seamless sharing of information and communications over a variety of radio networks.For a quick overview check out – The Voyager TRIK Explained video.
The Voyager TRIK has integrated radios into the Voyager 8 chassis using innovative, custom-designed radio brackets. These fit securely in at the IP67 rated enclosure that is backed by AC, DC and battery power. The use of radio brackets allows easy integration of traditional radio network data into tactical networks used by military communicators. Some examples of commonly used tactical radios that can be integrated into the Voyager TRIK include, Persistent Systems MPU5, Silvus StreamCaster 4200, L3 Harris Falcon III AN/PRC- 152A, TrellisWare TW-950 and Thales AN/PRC-148 JEM.
Klas were delighted to be part of the Army Warfighting Exercise (AWE20) which took place between 28th September and 19th October 2020. The purpose of AWE20: Agile C3 was to: ‘Identify how the Army can exploit developments in technology in the Agile Command, Control and Communication space’. Agile C3 has been identified as one of the ‘nine fundamental deductions and insights judged most critical to guide strategic, joint and command force development.’ At AWE20, Klas showed that using the Voyager TRIK (Tactical Radio Integration Kit) – how intelligence on the battlefield is crucial to our Troops. In addition to this, the Voyager TRIK reduces the detectability and improves the resilience and agility of HQs at all levels to enhance survivability. The Voyager TRIK is a single rollaway case network solution. Thus, improving command on the move and facilitates dispersed HQs.The Voyager TRIK also enables fast deployment and employment of HQs on operations. At AWE20, Klas collaborated with Steatite, Nutanix, Network Operations and Coolfire showing the interoperability capabilities that are available using the Voyager product range.


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