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VoyagerNAS 4.0 is a 100GbE NAS with NVME-based SSDs, powered by the 10th generation Intel Xeon D, to support intensive file access and tasks for large files at the edge.


The high-performance NVMe storage delivers unrivaled read/write speeds to support massive volumes of data, delivering the versatility for use in recording data from high bandwidth sensors such as 4K cameras.


VoyagerNAS 4.0 delivers 6 x removable E1.S NVMe (up to 7.68 TB each) in a compact and low power envelope of 220W, ideal for tactical edge and mobility applications.

VoyagerNAS 4.0

Key Features

  • Aggregated networking capability of 105 Gbps
  • 110 W power consumption compatible with Voyager 1+, Voyager 2+, Voyager 2 Slim, Voyager 4, Voyager 4 Slim, Voyager 6, Voyager 8 QP, and Voyager 8+
  • High-speed PCIe Gen 4 expansion interface to extend the base compute module with GPU or NVMe storage capabilities
  • Klas maintained OpenBMC embedded firmware for secure management

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