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VoyagerGPU, which leverages NVIDIA’s latest GPU technology, meets tactical edge processing demands at low-SWaP for military vehicle integration without modifications.

MAY 12, 2021 (Herndon, VA) Klas Government, which makes the world’s most powerful, low-SWaP technology for the extreme tactical edge, today announced the availability of VoyagerGPU, the market’s first tactical GPU that unlocks Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Machine Learning(ML) and video processing/transcoding at the network edge.

Embedded graphics-processing units (GPUs) are critical for military systems with heavy processing demands – such as those required for AI and analyzing moving images in real time. To date, GPUs with this kind of power simply haven’t been able to operate at the tactical edge due to Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) and environmental limitations.

Klas’ VoyagerGPU, the first tactical unit to deploy NVIDIA’s latest GPU technology (Turing-based GPU), addresses these tactical edge challenges while meeting Standardized A-Kit / Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) specifications for tactical comms’ SWaP in military vehicles. As a result, Klas unlocks AI/ML breakthroughs in edge environments in ways not previously possible.

VoyagerGPU options include:

  • NVIDIA Turing-based GPU; Quadro T1000, Quadro RTX 3000, Quadro RTX 5000
  • CPU options include: Xeon D 8, 12, 16 cores and Atom Denverton 8-core
  • Storage provided by dual SATA 2.5” bay plus VIK+ for operating system
  • Two 10 Gb Ethernet SFP+ interfaces
  • Two 1 Gb Ethernet copper interfaces

VoyagerGPU is a core component of Klas’ Voyager Tactical Cloud Platform (TCP), which brings the immense analytical power of the cloud to the forward edge and battlefield vehicles operating in tactical edge environments – and at a small form factor. VoyagerGPU also easily configures into the Voyager 6 power chassis, so that AI capabilities can be readily available in military ground vehicles without requiring modifications to the vehicle.

“We believe future proofing tactical networks requires a modular and scalable range of network, compute and radio systems modules designed with a common form factor and able to seamlessly integrate with market leading technologies,” said Chris Ericksen, Chief Revenue Officer, Klas Government. “VoyagerGPU is a core component of Klas’ modular system that allows our DoD customers to incorporate new, innovative capabilities as the mission dictates.”

To learn more about how Klas Government’s tactical communications solutions enabled the connected battlefield, click here.

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