Klas Launches End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle Data Management Solution, Joins Dell’s Autonomous Drive Ecosystem

Klas Launches End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle Data Management Solution, Joins Dell’s Autonomous Drive Ecosystem

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Klas Launches End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle Data Management Solution, Joins Dell’s Autonomous Drive Ecosystem


Klas’ TRX D8 data logger and ingest server gives developers access to two full petabytes of vehicle data within hours while minimizing disruptions to drive times


DUBLIN, June 15, 2021: Klas, a global leader in edge intelligence solutions, today announced it has integrated an ingest receptacle for its TRX D8 data logger with the Dell PowerEdge R7525 Rack Server, marking its official entry into the Dell Autonomous Drive Ecosystem. The TRX D8 is an in-vehicle storage and compute system designed to log the petabytes of data collected by autonomous test vehicles. Integrating the TRX D8 with the PowerEdge R7525 Rack Server gives OEMs an end-to-end solution for the daily data collection, storage, and transfer required for autonomous vehicle development.


Klas’ innovative design of the TRX D8 allows it to constantly collect data from onboard Ethernet and CAN and store up to 240 terabytes of data in one easy-to-remove cassette. This will enable technicians to swap cassettes easily and rapidly to get test vehicles back on the road and to continue testing systems and collecting more data. In addition, the ingest receptacle from Klas holds as many as eight D8 cassettes, which effectively gives OEMs the ability to concurrently ingest 1,920 terabytes of data directly into the Dell PowerEdge R72525 Rack Server with secure backup in the cloud.


While this is Klas’ first collaboration with Dell for autonomous vehicles, the two companies have collaborated on several projects dating back to 2017, all of which have centered on bringing enterprise data center technology to the edge.


“Dell servers are widely recognized as some of the most consistent and most reliable on the market, and the company has a long history of supporting infrastructures based on merit rather than a closed-loop system,” said Frank Murray, CTO of Klas. “We are firm believers in the power of open systems and admire Dell’s commitment to supporting an open ecosystem.”


Murray continued: “Autonomous vehicle development requires so many moving parts, and Dell’s approach gives OEMs flexibility in creating an end-to-end data management solution, which accelerates development and time to market while reducing both cost and risk.”


The TRX D8 features a rugged design to ensure optimal performance in extreme environments and maximize the amount of time test vehicles can stay in the field. In addition, its compute element runs on Klas’ field-proven operating system, KlasOS Keel, specifically designed to accommodate the security and reliability needs for edge locations. This allows OEMs to test vehicles in various conditions, which is vital for generating the consumer confidence required to bring self-driving vehicles into the mainstream.


Klas chose the Dell PowerEdge R7525 Rack Server for this complete AV data management solution. It is built upon a scalable system architecture and provides maximum flexibility to meet open-ended performance demands. High-level specifications include:

  • 2U rack-mounted server, 4U ingest receptacle. Supports 2 x ingest receptacles per ingest server.
  • Generation 4 RAID card support for enhanced storage performance.
  • Supports Open Compute Project (OCP) 2 x 100 Gbps NICs for faster data offload. InfiniBand supported.


To start building with Klas’ end-to-end data management solution for autonomous vehicle development, visit https://www.klasgroup.com/markets/automotive/.


For more information on Klas and its edge intelligence solutions please visit www.klasgroup.com.



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