VoyagerVMm 2.0 is an ultra-slim compute module powered by the AMD Ryzen™ embedded V2000 series processor.

VoyagerVMm 2.0 delivers the compute performance to run applications such as virtual desktop infrastructure, machine vision, object detection, edge inference, or networking in the smallest form factor in a highly efficient power envelope.

VoyagerVMm 2.0

Key Features

  • Built on AMD Ryzen V2516 (Zen 2 x86 CPU with Radeon™ Vega GPU)
  • Integrated security (on-chip AMD Secure Processor)
  • VIK+ SED removable NVMe storage device
  • High power efficiencies (< 15W)
  • 4K HD video support at 60Hz
  • Multithread support for VDI and cloud-based services
  • Passively cooled, ideal for low noise environments
  • Long life cycle – AMD Ryzen V2516 in production up to 2030
  • Compatible with Voyager m-Series devices and chassis

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