Secure Network Enclave Options in a Rugged Carry-On Case

The Voyager Rapid Response Communications System (RRCS) provides secure Network enclave options in a rugged carry-oncase. The VoyagerRRCS utilizes the modular architecture of the Klas Voyager range of network modules mounted in a Voyager 2 chassis. VoyagerRRCS provides all you need for secure access to remote networks with integrated Cisco routing technology.

The VoyagerRRCS (Rapid Response Communications Systems) provides a rugged, airline carry-on-size transit case system that houses Voyager network modules mounted in Voyager 2 chassis for easy grab-and-go operations.


Figure 1 VoyagerRRCS-1 Components

Figure 2 VoyagerRRCS-2 Components

Voyager network modules and Voyager 2 chassis sold separately.

Figure 1
VoyagerRRCS-1 (case and chassis)
Figure 2
VoyagerRRCS-2 (case and chassis)

Key Features:

  • One or two Voyager 2 chassis supported depending on configuration (RRCS-1 or RRCS-2)
  • Rugged carry-on case measuring 13.8” W x 22” D x 9” H
  • Storage space for two Cisco Unified IP Phone 7945G, or similar sized phones, under chassis
  • VoyagerRRCS-1 has a storage compartment for cables and accessories
  • VoyagerRRCS-1 supports up to two standard Voyager network modules and enclaves, VoyagerRRCS-2 supports up to four standard Voyager network modules and enclaves.
  • Voyager m-Series modules also supported
  • HAIPE modules supported include ViaSat KG-250X, KG-250XS, KG-175N, KIV-54 or KG-175D
  • 75 W UPS with wide-ranging AC & DC inputs along with one BB-2590 battery per Voyager 2
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