Flexible 2-slot chassis with support for VHF/UHF and MANET radios in a backpack or transit case

Klas Voyager 2 Slim

Voyager 2 Slim is a two slot, rugged backplane chassis supporting two Voyager modules in a backpack or briefcase form factor.

Battery-backed power is provided by Voyager 1 and the system is also ideal for vehicle installs with addition of Voyager Module Battery Bracket (VMBB) or Voyager Module Adapter (KVMA).

Klas Voyager 2 Slim

Optional mounts for a HAIPE device or Cradlepoint IBR900 above each slot are also available.

Figure 1: Voyager 2 Slim Front View – Module Slots
Figure 2: Voyager 2 Slim Rear View – Power Slots


Figure 3: Voyager 2 Slim with HAIPE Brackets and HAIPE device attached

Key Features:

  • Two slot Voyager chassis with modules housed side-by-side for reduced size and weight. Ideal for rucksack installation or mounting in locations where space is at a premium.
  • Space for one Voyager network module or two Voyager m-Series modules per slot.
  • Standard depth or full depth options available where the standard depth houses a Voyager module without a Voyager 1 attached and the full depth houses a Voyager module plus Voyager 1 attached.
  • Accepts any combination of Voyager 1, VMBB or KVMA power options in the two rear slots. Power is passed through to the Voyager modules.
  • Option to attach HAIPE brackets above each module slot, e.g. KG250X/SecNet, KG-250XS, KG-175 Nano.
  • The HAIPE bracket can also be used to attach a Cradlepoint IBR900.
  • Flexible mounting options with mounting holes in the sides, top and bottom of the chassis.


Physical Specifications

  • Standard: 15.5” W x 7.7” D x 2.3” H (395 mm W x 246 mm D x 58 mm H)
  • Full Depth: 15.5” W x 9.3” D x 2.3” H (395 mm W x 287 mm D x 58 mm H)
  • Standard: 2.2 lb (1.0 kg)
  • Full Depth: 2.5 lb (1.1 kg)

Electrical Specifications

Input power for each module slot is provided by any of:

  • Voyager 1 (KLAS-VOY-CHAS1-R8)
  • Voyager Module Battery Bracket (KLAS-VOY-MBB)
  • Voyager Module Adapter (KLAS-VOY-KVM


  • Aluminum construction with milled plastic central support