Designed for Level 2+/3 applications such as Driver Monitoring Systems.

Portable vehicle data logger, with battery pack for ease of transferring between vehicles.

Designed to military standards for harsh environments for the reliable capture and storage of data.

Intel Xeon D compute for onboard data processing (multiple core options).

Up to 30.72TB of removable SSDs, with 20Gbps write speeds.

Open x86 platform, with 1TB of NVMe storage to run your own software.



Key Features

  • Compact form factor for easy integration in long-term test fleet
  • Intel Xeon D CPU with 12 cores and 96GB RAM
  • Two 2.5” solid state drives (SSDs) with capacity up to 15.36TB each, easily removable for data offload
  • 1 hour battery backup
  • Four channels of GMSL2 supporting cameras, radar, & lidar
  • Optional four CAN-FD interfaces

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