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The two-channel Harris 158 radio provides superior security and mission flexibility. Voyager 158 builds on this capability with a 50W amplifier and a Bias T for each communications channel.

Not only that but there is space for two Voyager modules to add RoIP, compute or routing.

All in a Voyager 8+ package to support at-the-halt or on-the-move use cases.

Voyager 158

Voyager 158

Key Features

  • Voyager 8+ UPS/case with sled for dual-channel Harris Falcon IV AN/PRC-158 manpack radio
  • Support for 2 x Modular RF AR-50 band-switch RF booster amplifiers
  • Support for 2 x Modular RF AR-RBt Bias-T modules
  • Space for 2 x Voyager modules

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